Officer Timothy Franks
Somerville Police Officer Timothy Franks responded to a domestic dispute involving an intoxicated male subject who was threatening his father and was in possession of a knife.

Immediately upon arrival, Officer Franks was confronted by the actor who was brandishing a knife with a 10 inch blade. The subject moved towards Officer Franks in a threatening manner but he was able to disarm the subject by using physical force and restrain him until back up units arrived who then assisted in handcuffing the subject. During the confrontation, Officer Franks sustained a 2 inch laceration to his leg and a minor sprain to his knee.

Officer Franks displayed extraordinary heroism while disarming and subduing the subject without using deadly force knowing full well that his life was in imminent danger.

Captain Richard Colombaroni, Firefighter Marc Shallo,  Firefighter Derrick Deloach,  and Captain Jason Stukes

On September 18, 2011 at 7:42 P.M" Somerset County Communications dispatched the Bound Brook Fire Department to a reported structure fire with entrapment and reports of the residents smashing out the windows. 23-C 1 arrived and confirmed a working fire with people still inside. It was reported that 3 occupants were still inside the structure but as fire personnel were arriving 2 of the 3 occupants were able to escape via an extension ladder that was given to two police officers by a neighbor.

Once on the ground one of the occupants told the officers that their friend was still inside. C-3 arrived and took interior with C-4 taking operations. C-3 entered the structure and reported out to operations a heavy smoke condition on the number two floor where the occupant was said to be. Ladder Co. 4 arrived and was assigned search and ventilation. Engine Co. 1 arrived right behind and was instructed to stretch a handline to the second floor apartment. Ladder 4 Captain Jason Stukes and firefighter Marc Shallo ascended a rear stairway while Engine 1 Captain Richard S. Col om baroni, Firefighter Derrick Deloach and Firefighter James Lukac went to the second floor with a charged hose line from a front staircase. Crews simultaneously conducted a search for the trapped occupant from both the front and rear of the smoke filled apartment. While this was taking place additional firefighters placed ground ladders and ventilated the building to allow smoke to escape.

A moderate fire was encountered in a center hall area of the apartment and was quickly darkened down by Firefighter Deloach. This allowed Captain Stukes to enter a bedroom that had been blocked by the fire. The victim was located face down, unconscious on the bedroom floor. Captain Stukes and Firefighter Deloach moved the victim through a narrow hall area. While this was occurring Captain Colombaroni radioed that a victim had been found and to have emergency medical services standing by to receive him. Captain Colombaroni. Captain Stukes, Firefighter Marc Shallo, and Firefighter James Lukac then extracted the victim from the area of the fire to the front stairway while Firefighter Deloach maintained control of the hose line to be certain that the fire remained in check. The victim was handed off to firefighters on the stairway who removed him from the building to waiting medical personnel.

Captain Colombaroni, Captain Stukes, Firefighter Marc Shallo, and Firefighter James Lukac then continued to search the second floor and attic area of the building in an attempt to locate any further occupants. The primary search was completed as the air supplies of the initial crew began to get low and the crew exited the building. A secondary search was conducted by relief crews and no further victims were found to be in the structure. All of the occupants were subsequently accounted for. The victim was treated at the scene by the Somerset Medical Center Emergency Services. He was subsequently flown by The New Jersey State Police North Star Med-Evac Helicopter for further treatment. Thanks to the efforts of these 5 Firefighters, the victim was able to walk out of St. Barnabas University Hospital a few months later

Lieutenant Zach Zorochin, Firefighter Darby O'Brien, Christopher Santangelo, Firefighter Dylan Talarick

On August 28, 2011 during the height of hurricane Irene the Rocky Hill Hook & Ladder Co, No, 1 was dispatched to Rosedale Road, Princeton New Jersey for a swiftwater rescue assignment, Engine 53-2 and Special Services responded with a total of 6 personnel.

Once on location, the crew was advised that EMTs Michael Kenwood and Peter Simon' members of the Princeton First Aid and Rescue Squad were investigating a submerged vehicle when Michael lost his footing and both were swept downstream, Michael was recovered by Princeton personnel, but later succumbed to his injuries, Peter became stranded in rising floodwaters roughly 200' from shore, He was holding onto a small tree with no possible means to self-rescue.

Once briefed, Station 53 personnel devised an action plan to reach EMT Peter Simon.   Lieutenant Zach Zorochin and Firefighter James Pelech worked from the shore, Captain Manolo Jesus Donis, entered in the waters watching for hazards and helping with safety lines, preventing them from tangling. Firefighters Dylan Talarick, Darby O'Brien and Christopher Santangelo proceeded to Peter.

The crew deployed to the North side of Rosedale Road, crossing now deeper floodwaters with currents that rolled the vehicle that Michael and Peter were investigating. An eddy created by a telephone pole was spotted, not far from Peter. The three rescuers crossed the currents to reach the eddy where a Carabiner was tied off on a rope bag and successfully thrown to Peter on the first attempt. Peter was able to secure himself to the rope, giving him the means to escape the currents to the eddy, where rescuers secured and escorted him through the waters to the shore, Peter was then transported to University Medical Center at Princeton for evaluation,

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